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FOUR Audio 4-AI12 SLOT




Stor portad låda till 12″ subwoofer

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1 790,00 kr / pcs inkl. moms

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4Audio 4-AI12 SLOT is a LARGE ported enclosure for 12″ subwoofer. Volume is big enough for any driver of this size. Large port has rounded edges and very good air flow. Enclosure is made of MDF board and upholstery is made of black carpet. Terminal with cable installed to back side of box.


Produktmodell FOUR AUDIO
Technical data Ported enclosure for 12″ subwoofer
Net volume: 80 liters
Port area: 200 cm2
Port height: 40 cm
Port width: 5 cm
Port length: 40 cm
Tuning frequency: 38 Hz
Measurements ( W x H x D ): 800 x 405 x 440 mm
Diameter of speaker hole: 285 mm

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