Ground Zero GZDSP 4-8X




Ground Zero DSP with 4 in and 8 out

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2 990,00 kr / pcs inkl. moms

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Ground Zero GZDSP 4-8 is a great choice to connect with OEM head unit. It has 4 input channels, both line level and high level. Having 8 outputs makes it very verstile to different configurations. You can use it to 4-way active system, active 2-way front with rears and sub etc. Adjusting crossover, time delay and equalizer separately for each channel. When using high input, device detects signal and turns on. With remote output of course. Using accessory GZDSP-BT-STICk, you can get wireless audio stream to processor.


Technical data - 8-channel digital signal processor
- High-level and line input
- Realtime setting
- 2x 28 bit Analog Devices processor
- Windows GUI software
- Separate 10 band equalizer for each channel
- Time delay
- Variable crossover
- Phase correction
- Automatic turn-on function

Input Sensitivity 0.5 – 1 V (RCA), 2 – 8 V (high-level)
Remote included
Dimensions (W x L x H) 168 x 114 x 27 mm