4Connect 4-690968 M12 ring kabelsko 50mm², 5x svart




4Connect M12 ring kabelsko 50 mm², 5x svart

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4Connect ring terminals have good quality shrink tube as isolator instead of regular rubber or plastic sleeves. Shrink tube protects the connection much better against oxidation than loose plastic or rubber sleeves. Many manufacturers make their terminals of brass that has more resistance than copper because brass it is much cheaper. With high current connections it would be wise to use real copper to ensure best connection and conductivity. All 4Connect terminals that are for 20 mmq or larger cables, are made of 100% copper. Connectors are rhodium plated to secure connection for years. This package includes 5pcs black connectors that fit to M12 bolt and take 50 mm2 cable.


Produktmodell FOUR CONNECT
Technical data - ring terminal 5 pcs black
- to M12 bolt
- for 50 mm2 cables
- 100% copper
- rhodium plated
- including shrink tube

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