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Ground Zero 599 Basskit




Ground Zero Baskit med 12″ SPL-subwoofer is portad låda och 1800W D-class slutsteg.

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Ground Zero Radioactive loaded enclosures have been the ones that other manufacturers try to copy for years. They handle BIG power, sound GOOD and and of course they are LOUD. These products have one several comparings in car audio magazines all over Europe. Current versions have Klippel-optimized drivers that handle lots of power and have very good impedance response and sensitivity. This package includes a 1800W class D amplifier that has huge terminals that accept even 70mm2 cables. Bassremote is included in the package.


Produktmodell RADIOACTIVE
Technical data Package includes following products:

- Ground Zero GZRB 3000XSPL
- Ground Zero GZRA 1.1650DX-II

Technical specs:

-12″ SPL-subwoofer
- ported enclosure
- class D-amplifier
-1800W power
- bass remote included

see further technical specs from pages of individual products

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