Ground Zero 400 SPL BassKit Titanium




4 000,00 kr / pcs inkl. moms

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Ground Zero 400 SPL Basskit includes a 12″ SPL-subwoofer in a ported box. Box has a large port that gives a good air flow and Klippel-optimized subwoofer handles lots of power. This combined to a good sensitivity of the driver makes this box one of the LOUDEST in its price class. High Quality Tiatanium-series mono amplifier feeds this box with sufficient amount of power. This enclosure uses EFP ( Enchanced Flow Port ) port. It has cross-section like aeroport. This gives significantly better air flow without side effects. More air throught the port = more bass! Despite the better air flow in same size enclosure, tuning frequency is the same than before. Bass remote knob is included in the package.


Produktmodell IRIDIUM
Technical data Package includes following products:

- Ground Zero GZIB 3000XSPL
- Ground Zero GZTA 1.800DX-II

Technical specs:

-12″ SPL-subwoofer
- EFP-ported enclosure
- class D-amplifier
- 1000W power
- bass remote included

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