Ground Zero 750 SPL BassKit




Basskit with 3x 10″ SPL subwoofers in sealed encosure and a 3000 W amplifier.

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7 500,00 kr / pcs inkl. moms

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If you are looking for the BEST basskit in Sound Quality, choose this one. Reasonable sized enclosure with THREE 10″ SPL subwoofers. Great sound and a lots of bass from a small space. Connecting load is 1.4 ohms. Enclosure is so small that it fits under trunk curtain in wagons and in to allmost any trunk there is. GZRA 1.2500DX is a high quality amplifier that can give 3000 watts of power. Excellent sound quality with deep and powerfull bass. Terminals can handle 50 mmq cables. Level remote control and cable are in the delivery. You can adjust the subwoofer level even without a headunit with a separate Sub-out.


Produktmodell IRIDIUM
Technical data Package includes following products:

- Ground Zero GZIB 3.2500SPL
- Ground Zero GZRA 1.2500DX

Technical specs:

-3x 10″ SPL-subwoofer
- sealed enclosure
- class D-amplifier
- 3000W power
- bass remote included

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