Ground Zero 500 SPL BassKit




Basskit with 12″ EXT-subwoofer, EFP-tuned enclosure and 1300 W RMS amplifier

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5 000,00 kr / pcs inkl. moms

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Ground Zero 500 SPL Basskit includes new GZIB 3000XSPL-EXT loaded enclosure. Big box with a big EFP-port and a new subwoofer with excellent sensitivity and power handling. Enclosure is tuned with EFP ( Enchanced Flow Port ) that give much better air flow than regular ones. Good sensitivity, smooth frequency response and good sound quality even with lower notes. GZTA 1.1200DX-II can give 1300 W RMS power with excellent sound quality. Deep and accurate bass. With this amplifier you do not need to get frustrated qwith too small terminals, this amp can handle 70 mmq cables. Level remote control and cable are in the delivery. You can adjust the subwoofer level even without a headunit with a separate Sub-out.


Produktmodell IRIDIUM
Technical data Package includes following products:

- Ground Zero GZIB 3000XSPL-EXT
- Ground Zero GZTA 1.1200DX-II

Technical specs:

-12″ SPL-subwoofer
- EFP-ported enclosure
- class D-amplifier
- 1300 W RMS power
- bass remote included

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