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Rainbow IL-C4.2S BMW Visa större

Rainbow IL-C4.2S BMW




2-way system to BMW front doors

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2 990,00 kr / set inkl. moms

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Rainbow Intelligence-line speakers for BMW are designed to Plug & Play installation to OEM-locations. Physical installation, connections and most important the sound of speakers are designed to YOUR BMW. Nothing is visible, but your ears will definitely notice the improvement. These 2-way systems are available in three different levels. IL-C4.2G is the most affordable one that is way beyond OEM in sound quality. Next step is IL-C4.2S ( Superior ) that has even better tweeter and different midrange cone. The best version is IL-C4.2PRO that has ceramic coated midrange cone. You can also add 8″ subwoofers to your sound system. AI-Sonic BMW-SW8 is one of the best underseat woofer to BMW vehicles. Get them all and transfer your car to your personal concert hall where listening to music is pure pleasure!


Technical data Car specific separate system
To certain BMW cars
2-way 4 inch midrange
25 mm ND Silk dome Tweeter
Max. 65 Watts
Frequency Response: 70 Hz – 20 kHz

Compatible to ALL BMW-models that have bass speakers under the front seats!

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