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Rainbow IL-C4.2C MB Visa större

Rainbow IL-C4.2C MB




Rainbow kitsystem Mercedes Benz

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2 690,00 kr / set inkl. moms

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Rainbow Intelligence-line speakers for Mercedes-Benz are designed to Plug & Play installation to OEM-locations. Physical installation, connections and most important the sound of speakers are designed to YOUR Mercedes-Benz. Nothing is visible, but your ears will definitely notice the improvement. These 2-way systems are available in three different levels. IL-C4.2C ( Classic ) is the most affordable one that is way beyond OEM in sound quality. Next step is IL-C4.2E ( enchanced ) that has even better tweeter and different midrange cone. The best version is IL-C4.2S ( Superior ) that has ceramic coated midrange cone. You can also add 8″ subwoofers to your sound system. Rainbow IL-S8 MB L is a subwoofer for driver side and Rainbow IL-S8 MS R is the subwoofer to co-driver side. Get them all and transfer your car to your personal concert hall where listening to music is pure pleasure!


Technical data 2-way 4 inch (10 cm) Compo Set
20 mm Silk dome Tweeter
Max. 65 Watts
Minimum Amplifier Power: 15 Watts
Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz

Suitable for following MB models:

- W222 ( S-series from 2014 - )
- C217 ( S-series from 2015 - )
- X253 / C253 ( GLC-series from 2016 - )
- W213 ( E-series from 2016 - )
- W205 ( C-series from 2014 - )

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