12″ baselement


Digital Designs 12“ Single 4ohm subwoofer




Digital Designs 12“ Single 4ohm subwoofer

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100-sarjan subwooferit ovat suunniteltu tuottamaan laadukasta bassontoistoa pienellä teholla, niin suljetussa kuin refleksikotelossa.


Produktmodell 100-series
Technical data The 100 Series woofers are optimized for high efficiency output in
smaller sized enclosures being driven with today′s multichannel
amplifiers. High efficiency begins with our EROM surround, giving the
most useable cone area, lightest surround mass and highest excursion.
A powerful double magnet motor system with triple venting powers,
these drivers for the highest levels of deep bass output.

• Double Stitched EROM Surrounds
• High-temp 2.0”, aluminum former voice coil
• 50w-250w RMS, 750w Peak
• Laminated Spiders
• Non-pressed paper cones
• Cooling vent equipped baskets
• 8mm Top and Back plates, coil gap venting
• Extended pole piece

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